Tomlincheer’s rant bc she has no source of wi-fi

Okay well she had no wi-fi so she asked me to post this on my blog (Haylor) 

On 19/12/12, at 10:05 PM, Fahreen Ahsan wrote: 

> “I would like to rant via. this wonderful blog bc I have no wi-fi where I am now and life sucks and I just heard that Harry got a new tattoo but then I heard Taylor was with him and I just decided to turn on a Haylor rampage again…. So yesterday, my friends were talking about Haylor and how they would last 5eva and was talking about how they’re going to be “Hollywood’s hottest couple” and I literally wanted to cry pink pasta and shove pies in their faces and when they asked me, “Why can’t you just accept the fact that they’re going to be together for a long time?” wHAT ARE THEY EVEN TALKING ABOUT, I BET THEY’LL EVEN LAST A FEW MONTHS (NOT) LIKE, PLEASE TELL ME HOW THEY’RE GOING TO BE HOLLYWOODS HOTTEST COUPLE WHEN THERE’S LITERALLY NOTHING SO SPECIAL IN COMMON BETWEEN THE TWO I MEAN TAYLOR HAS DATED MORE GUYS THAN HARRY’S TATTOOS, LIKE I SHIT YOU NOT. I KNOW THEY’RE LIKE, 5 YEARS APART AND I KNOW THAT HARRY LIKES OLDER WOMEN AND I KNOW THAT LOVE CAN HAPPEN AT ANY AGE, BUT THAT’S JUST W R O N G  OMFG, I’D MUCH RATHER HARRY DATE SOMEONE LIKE CARA OR CLOSE TO CARA ANYWAY BUT WHY TAYLOR I DON’T GET IT, I THINK THAT THEY’RE RELATIONSHIP WILL NOT BE AS STRONG AS THEY THINK IT TO BE AND IF THEY BREAK UP, IT’S GOING TO BE SUCH A HUGE DEAL AND THEN THE MEDIA WILL GO CRAZY AND BOTH THE FANDOMS WILL START HATING ON EACH OTHER AND THEN TAYLOR WILL WRITE ANOTHER ONE OF HER SONGS ABOUT HARRY’S CURLS (IDEK) BUT I JUST FEEL LIKE SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG AND I DON’T LIKE IT AND THE LAST THING I, OR ANY OTHER PERSON WOULD WANT IS HATE AGAINST OUR FANDOM. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both as individuals but I just have a really bad feeling about this relationship. 

Thank you for listening to my rant.

- Fahreen aka. tomlincheer”

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